Worries In Whitefield

To the Editor:

It appears Whitefield will be making some changes to the operation of the town transfer station. That we may be taking trash from other towns, Dalton, Twin Mtn. and Jefferson. If so, we will have to hire more staff, pay their benefits, insurance, retirement, plus vacation time. These benefits add up to another big expense.

What does it cost us to take our trash to Mt. Carberry? What will it cost us to take the other towns trash? I know they will pay us, but will it be worth the extra expense we will have? Is our town transfer station large enough to handle the extra items? Will we have to buy more equipment to handle it? Will we be asked in the future to build a larger area to handle everything? Is this idea better for the town or will someone else’s benefit?

I believe we will be getting a grant soon for sidewalks. I hope they will finally make a change to Union Street. We have been waiting more than 10 years and nothing is done to our area. All of Union Street sidewalks are not fit to walk on. I see people walking in the road which is very dangerous. They have children on bicycles or in strollers. It is an accident waiting to happen. Someone is going to get hurt. It won’t be the driver’s fault; it is the responsibility of the selectmen to make our walkways safe. Our students walk home from the elementary school when they leave after the bus leaves. In the minutes of the selectmen’s meeting of Nov. 25, 2019, there is $3,500 available for sidewalk repair. Why wasn’t that used for Union Street sidewalks?


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