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To the Editor:

I read Nick De Mayo M. Ed.’s letter to the editor in the Record 8/21 & 22 edition and had some questions and comments. This is just bugging me - I also have a master’s, but have never used post-nominal letters after my name and wonder why you do?

The reference to the Revolutionary War is a bit odd. Are you implying that a Biden, who followed the concession of the 45th president to end the war is comparable to Gen. Cornwallis in the Revolutionary War? And I have to say when you compare the current state of world affairs to Napoleon’s loss at Waterloo, it seems a bit over the top.

Was it Biden who did NOT include the standing Afghan government in talks and ONLY negotiated with the Taliban? Was it Biden who strong armed the Afghan’s into releasing 5,000 enemy prisoners? One of which, Mullah Abdal Ghani Barader, met with Pompeo at that meeting in Doha, Qatar and now claims to run the country of Afghanistan? The former guy promised to be out in May, Biden moved the date to 9/11.

This is a heartbreaking mess. I was terrified and heartbroken for the people of Afghanistan. Six days later I’m still heartbroken but a bit less terrified. Over 10,000 people were taken to safety in less than 24 hours . Let’s review why it took almost a week to get up to speed on evacuations. First, the ‘former guy’ did serious foot dragging in allowing Biden’s transition team access to all departments and offices.. Then there is Steven Miller, whose repeated actions undermined the already cumbersome SIV process and P2 program. His railing “we won’t let those people into our country” at multiple staff meeting had a chilling effect. Additionally, the ‘former guy’ installed loyalist in the DOD, DHS, and State Dep’t which further gummed up the works. Olivia Troye has documented how these loyalists intimated career employees who appealed to her for help.

Some background on the situation in Afghanistan. Rachel Maddow went to Afghanistan in July of 2010 and met with Richard Ingle. Their coverage clearly shows how the billions of dollars poured into Afghanistan didn’t all go to build roads and other infrastructure improvements., Much went to build estates of the well- connected in the government. Why would Afghanis support a government that didn’t support them? The blame lies squarely on presidents Bush and Obama. They should have been aware of where U.S. dollars were going. Apparently, even before the U.S. withdrawal deals were struck between some commanders and the Taliban. Many troops were not paid or adequately provided with food or munitions. Why should they fight? The president fled to the UAE with who knows how many millions.

I question why retired General B.B. Hall focused on, among other things “Judeo-Christian Ideals”? I wasn’t aware of our founding fathers including that in our country’s credo. How is it that socialism [understanding that to a great extent that is the practice of the EU, UK and most of the Nordic countries] is in the same category as Communism [China and North Korea] and Dictatorial Theocracy [Russia and Belarus].

Finally, please explain how “gutless …communist, anti-American ideologues control Biden’s every move.” Please name these people specifically.


Linda Cacopardo

Sheffield, Vt.


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