Making St. Johnsbury & #039;s new school accessible for the town & #039;s next town meeting was a good decision by the school directors.

With only one voice of opposition - compared to four votes of approval - directors supported a motion to allow townspeople to use the gymnasium at the newly expanded school on Town Meeting Day, March 5.

As the motion-maker, School Director Peter Crosby, so rightfully put it, "The people have paid for it, it & #039;s done, and we can & #039;t use the gym with stocking feet forever."

Protecting the new gym floor was one of the concerns with allowing the public general access to the gym. Other concerns were the safety consideration of opening up the new school to people wandering around an unfamiliar construction site and spoiling the effect of a future grand unveiling of the school once it is completely finished.

The safety excuse for keeping the facility closed to the public hardly seems justified since the school is currently open for use by students ages 8 to 13. If kids can safely make their way around the school now, surely adults can manage all right at the location three months from now.

As for the fear of diminishing the excitement of a more grandiose unveiling sometime after March 5, we see that as another weak excuse. School officials should embrace the idea of showing off their school at town meeting time. After all, town meeting is a gathering of civic-minded taxpayers who decide the direction of the town. Indeed, they & #039;re responsible for the not-so-long-ago directive to erect the St. Johnsbury School.


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