Remembering Caledonia County servicemen who died in WWII

To the Editor:

As the 70th anniversaries of the two seminal American military campaigns in the WWII Pacific Theater, Operation Detachment (Iwo Jima) and Operation Iceberg (Okinawa) approach this February and April of 2015, a recollection and roll call of those Marines, sailors, soldiers, and U.S. Army Air Forces men from Caledonia Country who lost their lives in both the European and Pacific Theaters throughout the duration of World War II is in order. With thanks to Russ Pickett of Delaware, who meticulously compiled these and other casualty statistics, the attendant abbreviations include: Died of Wounds (DOW), Killed in Action (KIA), Line of Duty Loss (LOD), Missing in Action (MIA), and Prisoner of War (POW).

1. Graydon L. Adams (KIA)

2. William Walt Balch (KIA - Germany)

3. Clifford Henry Barnes (DOW - France)

4. Foster Arnold Blake (KIA - Germany)

5. Armand Eugene Boucher (KIA - Okinawa)

6. Lawrence Douglas Burbank (LOD - South Dakota)

7. Myron Irving Caplan (KIA - Iwo Jima)

8. Dante Carraro (KIA - Italy)

9. Roland F. Carrigan (LOD - Georgia)

10. Donald Sullivan Carter (KIA)

11. Elwin F. Cassady (KIA - Pacific Theater)

12. William F. Clifford (KIA - Belgium)

13. Stanley W. Coburn (LOD)

14. George W. Conly (LOD)

15. John Wilburt Cooper (KIA - France D-Day)

16. Frank A. Crane (died while a POW)

17. Wilber R. Cushman (DOW)

18. Norman M. Cyr (KIA)

19. Harold J. Decell (KIA - English Channel)

20. Louis A. DeForge (LOD)

21. Delmas J. Devenger (KIA)

22. Alfred C. Foster (MIA)

23. Milton Gaskin (LOD)

24. Edward T. Germond (KIA - Philippines)

25. Norman H. Gervais (LOD)

26. Burnie A. Gray (LOD)

27. George M. Hagan (KIA)

28. Albert V. Hardy (MIA)

29. Willard B. Heath (KIA)

30. Chester O. Hopper (DOW)

31. Kendall A. Hudson (KIA)

32. Robert M. Jones (KIA)

33. Wellington W. Kennison (LOD)

34. Ralph S. Kipp (LOD)

35. Paul Emile Lacroix (KIA - Okinawa)

36. Paul W. Lapanne (DOW)

37. John H. Marcotte (KIA)

38. Ernest G. Maynard (KIA)

39. David A. Merrow (KIA)

40. Ralph F. Murphy (LOD)

41. Clarence T. Norcross (LOD)

42. Lester A. Paine (LOD)

43. Roy Henry Proia (LOD)

44. Woodrow W. Roy (LOD)

45. Floyd Munn Stearns (MIA)

46. Erwin R. Sweet (DOW)

47. Armand Toussaint (MIA)

48. Elmer L. Trefren (KIA - Belgium)

49. Horace B. Ward (KIA)

50. Burleigh W. Warren (MIA)

51. Stewart F. Wheeler (KIA)

In this season of reflection and giving thanks, we should all be grateful to these men for making the ultimate sacrifices for their country and ensuring the freedoms that we still enjoy some seventy years later. God rest their souls.

Christopher E. Ryan

Alexandria, Va.


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