Response to Marion Mohri letters

To the Editor:

Writer Mohri uses a lot of fudged-up facts from the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and other database info centers that will promote the Obama's policies. Well written letters by Mohri are nothing more than one sided set of facts supporting erroneous and speculative information. Mohri being an adamant defendant of Obama' lawless behavior with a pen that circumvent the other branches of the U.S. Government informs us in the letter dated June 12, 2014 and praising the Black Shining Armored Knight of his accomplished with the healthcare program.

Obamacare is the new version of the VA healthcare system; dysfunctional, expensive, arrogance, lack of care and total disregard for the most basic tenet of the healthcare which is to take care of the sick and to not let them die while waiting for treatment. "TMJ" was absolutely correct in his assessment of Obamacare and the VA scandals.

"Fact: the VA systems is socialized medicine"

Truth: the VA system is a blueprint for Obamacare. To further promote the Black Shining Armor Knight, Mohri quotes the New York Times whose main job is to blame Bush and everybody else except the real culprit, the President himself.

When stated "the first emotion is to blame President Obama," Mohri should stop whining about the past. When the Black Armor Knight ran for office of the presidency, he promoted the failure of the Bush Administration and promised to correct the failures of the VA hospitals and pointed out that the VA system needed serious corrections and restructuring. We also saw and heard the re-run in 2012. The usual promises and the usual inactions from the White House occupied by a black President.

Mohri, please stop using the Obama's personal advertising agencies, namely the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC et al and explain to us in your own words, phrases and paragraphs what you stand for. What form of government you wish to see evolving for the U.S.

"It's fun to blame..." Yes! I have done my research and I have accepted the fact that this country has been able to implement what Dr. Peters wrote a few years back in a book titled: The Peter Principles in which Dr. Peter explains how we tend to promote people to their level of incompetence and then when they fail, we elevate them to a level where they become ineffective and irrelevant.

The conclusion is that we have a President that is capable of producing a major scandal a month and consistently blaming his failures on the Republicans, Bush and when not successful in blaming the formers, blames it on Racism.

Rene Roy

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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