Shumlin is clueless

To the Editor:

Isn't it odd that in the last two weeks that the figures Finnely dumped at Shumlin on his single payer scheme. (Wow). Then Shumlin comes on TV, channel 3 and this paper and says nothing but lip service.

When in reality all of this costly blundering was coming to light two years or better. But Shumlin says to all of us its really going to work, I've hired new people, really, really smart people this time.

All we need is more money. In all his talking Shumlin has never mentioned the one hundred million dollar deficit. Somehow, someway a few people should be held accountable for this arrogance. By the way Peter, there's a great piece of land coming available in Sheffield. The Therrien property. The price isn't bad. What a sham they have to leave their home.

It would make a great hunting lodge for you Mr. Shumlin and your power company CEO's and turbine people you all could go there and have a blast. Whoops, that's already been done.

Its not a long ways from East Montpelier to Sheffield with your gas guzzling S.U.V. Watch out for the carbon tax that's in the wind.

Mr. Shumlin I have been in and around the building industry for forty five or fifty years. Thirty of which on my own. In my thirty years I signed just one contract.

These young people at that time come to me and asked if I would build their home. I was on F.H.A. jobs so there had to be a contract. I did my homework as did all of my sub contractors. I was very firm with them and told them there would be no cost overrun.

We had no way of getting more than the contract called for. This job went great. I had no way of grabbing tax money or starting up the money machine as Barack Obama does.

The rest of my jobs were done with a handshake and verbal agreement. Everyone knew what every different job was costing. I got burned a little just once. I'm glad I'm retired.

As Mr. Rob Roper said in the Guest Opinion and I quote 12/19/14, you said Peter would cut the cost containment right if we can't do that, we'll take our marbles and go home.

A lot of us are still waiting Peter. To you legislators who have already said your going to follow tradition. I looked that word tradition up. I knew what it means. One line popped out at me. It says handed down this way, an unwritten law. (Hmmm).

It still doesn't make it right. You all might want to remember how fast two years goes by.

I believe very very strongly it should not be done by secret ballot. Already too many secrets! I also believe there should be a printout in this great paper how each and every legislator votes.

Like the movie A Few Good Men, you can't handle the truth.

Louis Cheney

Peacham, Vt.


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