Support for Claudette Sortino

To the Editor:

This letter is in support of Claudette Sortino of South Ryegate, who is running for state representative in Caledonia's first district which encompasses the towns of Ryegate, Barnet, and Waterford. Claudette has two qualities that would make her the best choice to serve the people in these towns. These qualities are service and experience; she exhibited these qualities at a young age in answering the call to serve her country in the Peace Corps in India. Through this service she gained a world view that will no doubt be of great benefit as an elected official in Vermont. In addition she served several years as an elected school board official and currently is serving as a select board member for the town of Ryegate. Her service commitment to education is further evidenced by her involvement with the Blue Mountain Education Foundation, a volunteer organization that offers additional support for students and programs not covered with taxes.

There are two issues that are of interest to the people of Caledonia-1. The first is one of property taxes supporting public education becoming a burden for the average Vermonter. Claudette is committed to working on a more equitable system for this funding. The second issue that Claudette is committed to is the need for quality broadband Internet and cell phone service, both of which are lacking in many parts of the area. Both of these technologies will be needed if the Northeast Kingdom is to grow economically in the years to come.

In closing, please consider these qualities and commitments in voting for Claudette Sortino on Tuesday, Nov 4 if you live in the towns of Ryegate, Barnet, or Waterford.

Rod Brown

Ryegate, Vt.


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