Support for James Lillicrap in Orleans State's Attorney race

To the Editor:

... and to the citizens of the Northeast Kingdom ...

Wouldn't you like to have a State's Attorney for the Orleans County that has never lost a single Jury trial? He has a history of over 35,000 court proceedings and has worked in the State's attorney's office since 2009. As a Victim of Aggravated Sexual Assault raised and educated in Vermont represented by James Lillicrap (Jim) and of the Vermont State's Attorney's office of Orleans County, I am glad to see him running in November's election for Orleans County State's Attorney.

Jim is a 4th generation Vermonter and follows through from start to finish with many dedicated hours and often months and years at home and within the office to the prosecution of serious criminal cases against vulnerable victims. The time he spends on cases is important to the county, the state, each case individually, and himself; he calls upon all witnesses including the Vermont State Police and takes deep consideration into the seriousness of the cases including the wishes and outcome of importance for the Victim. He reaches out even after a completed Trial and before Sentencing for representation of knowledge to statistics from probation officers and the Vermont Center of Treatment for Sexual Offenders. James understands when working with a witness, they are not aware of legal statues and terms. In many conversations with James he explains his references and terms before I was to ask, this helps to clearly understand what is happening within the case and what the short and long-term details of procedures are, this information is important as an individual witness to the State. James shows compassion and is courteousness to the importance of the case to each individual witness taking the time to listen to importance each one holds playing an important role. James enters a court room most of all to represent the state, but always keeps the considerations of the victim in mind. He believes in the accountability of keeping the county safe, his responsibility to represent and keeping perpetrators out of the community as to avoid further victims.

If you went to the State police to report a crime would you want a State's Attorney who has a history to win 100% of jury trials or another candidate who has a 50 to 75% chance to win a trial representing you and the state. When we are discussing criminal proceedings and keeping citizens of Vermont in the Orleans county safe I believe you want an Attorney who has never lost 15 jury trials and has done over 35,000 court proceedings within his career, who does not send the wrong message to criminal defendants! Jim has done an excellent job and will continue to do so for the State of Vermont if elected as the State's attorney for Orleans County!


Rebecca Dingman

Mocksville, N.C.


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