According to law enforcement officials, the police visited the St. Johnsbury apartment of a furloughed inmate last week.

A search of the apartment (leased by the Corrections Department) turned up 21 bags of heroin, a hypodermic needle and an empty bag, said police.

The Department of Corrections ordered two men to be lodged at the St. Johnsbury correctional facility on violation of furlough - one said to be out of bounds and the other charged with heroin possession.

If the man charged with possession of a controlled substance is convicted, we will see one more reason many area residents are concerned about the furlough program.

But then, we're told it isn't nice to be concerned. We're told we should stop worrying.

Of course, some worrywarts will continually say St. Johnsbury has become a prison town. But we know that isn't totally true. We must remember, after all, that not all inmates are in prison. Some of them are living near us in apartments rented with our tax dollars. The do-gooders call it rehabilitation.

Yeah, tell us about it.

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