Time for a change in Bike Laws

To the Editor:

This is to just keep in mind about the ride in to Montpelier this coming year and that is as long as we get a lot of support from all over. I don't care if you are from New York or Montana as long as you support our what we are doing. This is going to be a peaceful rally and we do not want anyone that is going to go against our peaceful cause because that would just tell the politicians that we are nothing but thugs and we are just ordinary citizens in the community. A lot of us bikers are company owners, bank employees, doctors and so on so I want them to know that we are not a bunch of gang members trying to get over on them. If I find out any bunch that comes to this to support us for a reason other than a legal reason then I will ask them to leave there agenda at the door before they join us. I really need to know if there is any interest in this ride-in to Montpelier before I can get a date together and maybe before it is over we can get an organization together to support legal decent bikers in this country. I know it is only late Dec. but we need to find out how many want to get into this ride. We have a local Senator that supports the cause and says he will ride right along with us but we need to get support from law abiding citizens from all over the country if we could. Can you imagine if we had bike support from at least half of the country? Can you imagine the revenue that would be brought into our state from bikers that do not ride our beautiful mountain roads because they need to wear a helmet? There are so many people that stay on the NH side which is almost the same as here just because they are not forced to wear a helmet in NH. So please let me know of your support so we can organize this ride. What I would like to see is we all meet in Barre Vt or some other place like Wilkins Harley in South Barre and all head out from there. By the way I have no connection to Wilkins Harley at all except for buying my first Harley there 1½ years ago. I always road Yamaha's before I went to a Harley from a bunch of great people.

So please any man or woman contact me so we can get some idea of the interest in breaking the helmet law in Vt.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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