Why waste the money and time

To the Editor:

This is a message to all you young people that cannot wait to tie the not DO NOT BE IN A HURRY UNTIL YOU LIVE WITH THEM FOR 40 OR MORE YEARS.

It seems so nice the thought of it whether you think you are the only one that is going to love her or him, have sex with her or him or have a continued relationship with either him or her. Life does not work this way for the most part. Do not get me wrong I am sure some will honestly work and some will survive with lies and then some will dissolve. It is one thing when you waste away 2 to 8 years for example but when you put 30 to 50 years in and all of a sudden it goes boom even though you saw it coming but did not want to believe it. I wish everybody that gets married and really wants the marriage then go for it but think real hard and make sure that is the only person in the world that you want to love or make love too. For the guys forget those cute little hot shorts and hot short shirts for your wife at home with a couple kids and one on the way and she is in some long lose nightgown that would make a hippo look good but you still love her with all your heart and those cute girls in the hot dresses are something your son can think about when he gets older. Now for the gals when you are home all day {or work all day and then pick up kids at daycare while the great hubby is shooting pool and a couple beers with friends with friendly waitresses that are working them for tips} and your house payment is coming up with overtime offered to hubby but he wants to hang with friends and talk to and about the cute waitress and other hot cuties.

Now I am not saying this is everyone but I would be willing to bet if everyone was completely honest on a survey which you know they would not be that there would be at least 75 to 85 percent that would be in that category that I talked about. Now that is for the guys and now is next for the gals. First the commercial HA HA just kidding. just wanted to see if you were still reading.

Now the gals: The gals are the most secretive of all. I would be willing to say that the gals are a little less cheating percentage wise unless they are not satisfied, you know where. The others that cheat do it for excitement and because they are mad or just bored with the situation. Other times she will do it because she thinks this new bad boy she met is exciting but again you know what quick thing he is after.

So if either you are a male or female that are in any of these situations then please do no waste the courts time for the long road of divorces and stay single. I am not like big uncle but just giving you friendly advise from a man that has been married for almost 40 years.

Like the carpenters always measure twice and cut once well I say think twice or more than get married if you have to once.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.

Publisher's Note: It sounds like your wife is one lucky gal.


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