Wow - the third try!

To the Editor:

Wow, the third try for St. Johnsbury voters to pass the school budget is down by another $45,000. The original budget was soundly defeated, as was the second on April 24th with 272 voters not returning to the polls that voted the first time.

Two-thirds of every dollar paid in taxes goes to education. What about water, sewer, streets, roads and still more?

Even the Vermont Realtors funded their own study on education finance this past year because many buyers are having second thoughts about moving forward. The tax rate is impacting people of all ages.

New creative and original ideas have not been a consideration at all!

Now, school officials are inquiring about extending the morning voting hours. Do you really think state law can be changed in a fleeting moment, to oblige St. Johnsbury? I can hardly believe this school board and administration.

The community does, in fact, support education. What people of this town, in majority, do not support is the level of spending. They are saying they have no more to give.

Local control is not about state or federal elections, it is all about the school board right here in St. J. You should be the ones working with others, making the informed decisions and policy. We, the voters, are not asking the tail to wag the dog!

My belief, at this time is, the entire school board, along with the superintendent, should simply resign.

People, this community belongs to all of us, be most appreciative of who you are and what you have. Vote your mind on May 15th.

Nancy Cohen

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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