Do you know a bright, bold and healthy young person?? At St. Johnsbury Academy we do! Over 524 high school students made the honor roll so far this year, and 141 students participate in music or band and 39 more are in dramatic productions at St. Johnsbury Academy. How many students in your school are "out there" doing great stuff?

Interest was sparked this week on the campus by painting large green "A" with chalk on the sidewalks, placing clings on the clocks and covering tables with the neon "A" ... the buzz around SJA was -- what is that? What are they doing?

We are initiating a media campaign to focus on students who make these positive healthy choices and stand out as AUDACIOUS in this county by their own choice.

On any given day, 28 books are checked out of the library by students; 623 students attended Open Mic Youth nights last year and 30 students are in Robotics Club. Who do you know that does something bold and purposeful that keeps them healthy and positive?

Recently this vibrant pack of students from SJA stood on stage in their neon green T Shirts marked "Absolutely AUDACIOUS." They asked the student body to look around and notice the positive people around them and acknowledge them for the great stuff they do. They started their campaign with research of their peers in three area schools and now they plan to spread the word through media channels.

Join the Intro to Human Service Class at SJA and TogetherWorks Prevention Coalition in their quest to acknowledge those students who make positive choices in their lives.

If you would like to meet this Audacious group and have them visit your school or group meeting, call for more information, 802-745-1040 or e-mail:


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