Academy Students Participate In State Music Festivals


St. Johnsbury Academy senior Perry Emerson was one of three students who received a Dick Croudis scholarship during the Northeast District Music Festival in Newport.

The Northeast District Music Festival was March 29-31 at North Country Union High School in Newport. Twenty-five students from St. Johnsbury Academy participated in a District chorus and two concert bands that were held Friday and Saturday.

Senior Perry Emerson was one of three students who received a Dick Croudis scholarship. This is given to a student who has participated throughout high school in the festival and who is planning to pursue music.

Academy students who participated included Deanna Emery, Lily Jarrett, Missy Lopez, Minsoo Choo, Julia Fickes, Dimitrios Kapoukranidis, Norah Gair, Christian Dekett, Thomas Keon, Clare Neal, Cassie Jones, Jennifer Hastings, Caroline Lawlor, Matt Nolan, Greg Piper, Will Morse, Perry Emerson, Andy Hoang, Liz Stevens, Andrew McFaul, Ye In Choi, Morgan Magoon, Tyler Emerson and Conner Hinsley.

Nineteen students will be participating in the All-State Music Festival May 10-12 in Burlington. Concerts for that event will be Thursday (scholarship), Friday (jazz), and Saturday (chorus, band and orchestra in the afternoon). In the scholarship competition, Perry Emerson was selected as the top woodwind and will perform a solo at the Thursday night concert. David Fickes was second in the strings category and will receive a scholarship. Molly McNally received an honorable mention on piano.

Students participating include David Fickes, Molly McNally, Eamon Roosa, Jordan Dekett, Perry Emerson, Tyler Emerson, Deanna Emery, Julia Fickes, Jennifer Hastings, Dimitrios Kapoukranidis, Caroline Lawlor, Will Morse, Andrew McFaul, Charlotte Morse,Matthew Nolan, Greg Piper, Lucas Prevost, Jon Reis and Joshua Rosenfeld.


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