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Apple Technology Comes to Good Shepherd Catholic School

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ST. JOHNSBURY -- Recently, the Stuart family, along with family and friends, dedicated the Mildred Stuart Learning Lab to Good Shepherd Catholic School. The lab is located in the Good Shepherd library.

Cynthia Stuart addressed the group at the dedication, and shared that "anyone who knew Millie knew that she lived a life of strong convictions and beliefs. She passed on her belief and appreciation for education and learning to her daughters and grandchildren through her actions and her words. She was a lifelong learner. As our children are growing and entering new phases of their lives, moving on to higher education elsewhere, the strong educational foundation that Good Shepherd provided will never be forgotten. Through the Mildred Stuart Learning Lab, may the appreciation and love of learning and education that Millie felt live on as well."

The lab allows students and teachers to integrate technology into every aspect of the school's curriculum through the use of iPads and computers daily. Teachers are now able to make lessons come alive and students are able to showcase their projects (Pod Casts, Vokis, E-books, Prezzies and more) on the large screen. The Mildred Stuart Learning Lab is another way that Good Shepherd continues to teach the whole child.

Since the gift of the Mildred Stuart Learning Lab, Good Shepherd has received donations allowing the school to place learning labs in the pre-school, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, third grade, fourth grade, eighth grade and music classrooms.


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