The following area residents graduated from White Mountains Community College in Berlin, N.H. and Littleton, N.H. on May 16, 2014.

Bath: Kimberly Troy, Medical Assistant.

Bethlehem: Constance Allen, Accounting; Nicole Kerstetter, Liberal Arts; Crystal Knapp, Massage Therapy; Meghan Maguire, Culinary Arts; Zoe Norris, Nursing; Kaela Ray, Entrepreneurship; Kody Roberts, Welding.

Colebrook: Diane Beaton, Medical Assistant; James Frizzell, Spatial Information Technology; Asa Rancloes, Criminal Justice; Carrie Riley, Accounting & Business; Ryan Topa, Welding.

Dalton: Aric Moody, Information Technology; Scott Stevens, Information Technology.

Franconia: Tory Burdick, Human Services; Kaitlyn Dutton, Medical Assistant.

Groveton: Stephanie Barney, Medical Assistant; Leif Becker, Teacher Education; Angela Boutin, Medical Assistant; Kelsey Ledger, General Studies-Allied Health; Courtney McLain, Accounting & Business; Erica Zaniewski, Accounting.

Haverhill: Angelina Smith, Nursing.

Jefferson: Theresa Girouard, Human Services; Robyn Sweet, Liberal Arts; Kate Wheeler, Medical Assistant.

Lancaster: Daniel Berry, Spatial Information Technology; Nicholas Blodgett, Automotive Technology; Jodie England, Medical Assistant; Meagan Forbes, Auto Technology; James Frenette, Information Technology; Ryan Graham, General Studies; Jasmin Hernandez, Early Childhood Education; Michael Kay, Automotive Technology; Heather Kenison, Nursing; Chantel Kennedy, Early Childhood Education; Maranda Melenfant, Medical Assistant; Katlynne Marois, General Studies - Allied Health ; Meagan Royer, Liberal Arts; Bradley Savage, Automotive Technology; Heather Wells, Welding.

Lisbon: Megan Cole (President's Award for highest grade point average at WMCC), Human Services; Keegan MacBean, Automotive Technology.

Littleton: Jenni Baird, Accounting & Business; Keri Boynton, Liberal Arts; Jennifer Gardner, Liberal Arts; Hannah Loveland, Liberal Arts; Jennifer Newell, General Studies -Social Justice ; Alana Quillin, Nursing; Courtney Roy, Spatial Information Technology; Amanda Scott, Medical Assistant; Tabbitha Shosa, General Studies-Health Education; Ashley Terriquez, Early Childhood Education,; Amy Wright, Teacher Education.

Lyman: Sarah Brooks, Criminal Justice; Robert Pratt, Liberal Arts.

Monroe: Ashton Wagner, Automotive Technology.

North Haverhill: Tricia Fagnant, Nursing; Michael Reed, Welding; Nicholas Thompson, Mobile Equipment Technology.

Piermont: Billie Jo French, General Education - Para Educator.

Pittsburg: Matthew Remick, Welding.

Sugar Hill: Nicole DeMayo, Medical Office Management; Jesse Holden, Teacher Education; Jennifer Derby, Medical Assistant; Lauren Wilson, Nursing.

Twin Mountain: Elizabeth Allen, Medical Coding; Kate Born, Culinary Arts.

West Stewartstown: Diane McKeage, Medical Coding.

Whitefield: Stephanie Comeau, Medical Assistant; Patricia Dobson, Office Management; Shelby Ingerson, Office Technology Management; Richard Ledoux III, Human Services; Benjamin Waterman, Liberal Arts.

Woodsville: Crystal Boutin, Medical Assistant; Kimberly Campbell, General Studies-Allied Health; Matthew Hopp, General Studies; April Tellier, General Studies-Allied Health.

Bloomfield: Jennifer Young, Nursing.

Bradford: Anthony Fandino, Welding.

Concord: Lance Hodgdon, Massage Therapy.

Lunenburg: Ruth Babcock, Human Services; Breanna Campbell, Early Childhood Education.

Lyndonville: Katya Lewis, Nursing.

Maidstone: Douglas Gorman, Welding.

Newbury: Ashley Battis, Massage Therapy; Patricia Fox, Special Education.

West Burke: Jared Wilkie, Automotive Technology.


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