SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT -- 430 Vermont high school students attended the Governor's Institutes of Vermont (GIV) this summer. GIV hosts intensive, hands-on learning experiences for young people on college campuses throughout Vermont. Nine Institutes were held this summer in the following topics: Arts, Asian Cultures, Current Issues & Youth Activism, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science & Technology, Farms, Food & Your Future, Information Technology & Digital Media, and Mathematical Sciences.

Students apply to the competitive Governor's Institutes through their schools. The following area students were among the 2014 summer GIV graduates.

Barnet: Justin Carpenter, Mathematics

Barton: Ryan Streeter, Entrepreneurship

Cabot: Tyler Abbott, Engineering; Rebecca Blaisdell, Environmental Science & Technology; Lizz Lesperance, Arts; Isabella McCallum, Current Issues & Youth Activism; Galadriel Morse, Arts; John Nally, Environmental Science & Technology; Clementine O'Connor, Information Technology; Megan Walker, Asian Cultures.

Canaan: Megan Hughes, Arts

Craftsbury: Adriana Eldred, Arts; Carina Eldred, Asian Cultures; Olivia Jones, Arts; Sabrina Thompson, Information Technology.

Craftsbury Common: Jared Benson, Information Technology; Kestrel Owens, Engineering.

Danville: Shane DeShone, Information Technology; James Remington, Arts; Ian Yarnall, Arts.

East Hardwick: Natalie Jones, Arts; Rylan O'Connell, Information Technology.

Greensboro: Dylan McAllister, Current Issues & Youth Activism

Groton: Adrian Bedard, Current Issues & Youth Activism

Hardwick: Matthew Brown, Arts; Kylann Tanner, Arts.

Lyndonville: Jamie Berry, Arts; Samantha Storz, Current Issues & Youth Activism.

Marshfield: Rebecca Cahill, Arts

Newbury: Frederic Clements, Information Technology; Briggs Heffernan, Arts.

Newport: Amber Biczko, Farms, Food and Your Future; Jacob Lisner, Mathematics; Zachary Lisner, Engineering.

Sheffield: Kira Cogger, Mathematics

St. Johnsbury: Gabriel Amber, Asian Cultures; Gabriel Amber, Engineering; Sanford Compton, Information Technology; Martin Gilmartin, Engineering; Anna Leeper, Entrepreneurship.

Waterford: John O'Neill, Engineering; Jessica Remick, Environmental Science & Technology.

West Danville: Rowan Lanxner, Arts

Wolcott: Grace Safford, Arts

Learn more at, or call (802) 865-4448 for more information.


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