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Blue Mountain Union High School & Middle School

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Blue Mountain Union School in Wells River recently announced those high school and middle school students achieving the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2014-2015 academic year.

Seniors: Adrian Bedard and Chelsea Farquharson.

Juniors: Lauren Lamberton, Christle Page and Shelby Peters.

Sophomores: Kate Cota, Judy Hoang and Gabriella Locke.

Freshmen: Bryannah Heywood

Grade 8: Tyler Burroughs

Grade 7: Davis Parker

Grade 6: Rebecca Herbert and Andrew Hoang.

Seniors: Andrew Chase, Caitlin Cozadd, Alannah Farley, Jordan Farquharson, Jonathan Gardner Jr., John Gibson, John Gilmour Jr., Hunter McPhee and Logan Oliver.

Juniors: Ryan Curtis, Allison Dennis, Alexa Murray, Matthew Page, Mark Puffer, Morgan Sulham, Natalie White and Emily Zierke.

Sophomores: Jatawni Bass, Iris Farley, Aimee Gardner, Paige Perkins and Evan Winauski.

Freshmen: Devyn Farley, Ryan Farquharson, Alan Hoang, Rhyane Malone, Devyn Nelson, Kristin Newton and Morgen Roy.

Grade 8: Elizabeth Bogie, Annabelle Dennis, Kelsey Farias, Lauren Gandin, Johnathan George, Hayden Hatch, Nicholas Herbert, Olivia Houghton, Hunter Janawicz-Hathaway, Tyler Murray, Tynika Oliver, Katie Ricker, Nathan Steller, Mikara White, Joshua Wilson and Alexandra York.

Grade 7: Lauryn Alley, Morgan Beck, Alivia Crum, Brookelyn Dennis, Hannah Dube, Graigory Farley, Veronica Houghton, Hunter Larabee, Catilyn Loud, Antonia Munson, Willow Schaefer, Trucker Sulham, Brendon Thurston and Dakoyta Wilson.

Grade 6: Melinda Crepeault, Thomas Herbert, William Heywood Jr., Caleb Nelson, Hope Perkins and Ethan Walker.


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