Brighton Elementary School will resume classes on Tuesday, Aug. 27 for the new school year. The following are the bus routes for 2013-2014. A "First Day Celebration" will take place at 5:30 p.m. at the school, with everyone welcome.

First Bus Run: Stevens' Loop, 6:55; 5-Mile Square Road, 6:58; East Charleston Road, 7:05; Basil Hill, 7:07; East Haven Road (Rosebrook Hill), 7:12; Derby Street, 7:16; Pleasant Street, 7:18; Fitzgerald Avenue, 7:19; Derby Street, 7:20; corner Birch/Cross streets, 7:21; corner Main/Cross streets, 7:22; Middle Street, 7:25; bottom of Mountain Street, 7:28; top of Mountain Street, 7:29; Curran Avenue, 7:31; Railroad Street, 7:35; School, 7:40.

Second Bus Run: leave school, 7:45; Airport Road, 7:50; head of the Pond Road, 7:55; School, 8.

First Bus Run: Bus leaves school around 2:45 p.m.; Middle Street, 2:45; Mountain Street, 2:46; Curran Avenue, 2:49; corner Main/Cross streets, 2:51; corner Birch/Cross streets, 2:52; Derby Street, 2:53; Pleasant Street, 2:56; Dale Avenue, 2:57; Fitzgerald Avenue, 2:58; Railroad Street, 3.

Second Bus Run: Bus leaves school around 3:05 p.m.; Stevens Loop, 3:08; 5-Mile Square Road, 3:10; East Charleston Road, 3:16; Basil Hill, 3:19; Rosebrook Hill, 3:25; Airport Road, 3:45; head of the Pond Road, 3:50; Bus back at school around 4:05 p.m. to pick up Encore and After-school students.


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