Burke Town Fourth-grade Students 'Dig Into Science' with S.T.E.M.


Students in Tracie Surrridge’s fourth-grade science class at Burke Town School have been working on a “Dig Into Science” with S.T.E.M. video and plan to enter their completed project into a competition sponsored by S.W. Cole Engineering, Inc.: front row from left, Dylan Miller, Carsen McQuade, Cody Davis, Emma Newland and Adalia Griffith; back row, Billy Mutschler, Catrina Gallagher, Tucker Chapman, Hannah Angell, Abby Roy and Josh Walker.

The fourth-grade students at Burke Town School have been busy these past few weeks creating a video to enter a competition sponsored by S.W. Cole Engineering, Inc. The competition is called "Dig Into Science" and was designed to help students learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.).

The rules for the competition were to create a video under three minutes, interviewing someone who works at a job that involves at least one of the S.T.E.M. areas and to ask at least four "thoughtful" questions. Creativity and content will also be judged.

First the students brainstormed lists of people they knew that worked in jobs that involved S.T.E.M. Then they had to choose one of their nominees to write an opinion piece to tell why they felt their person should be the person interviewed. The class listened to each other and then a vote was held. Ryan Simpson of Simpson Farms in Sutton was chosen.

Next the students had to decide who would be in the video. Rules were that no more than five students could be in the video. The five students picked by the draw of a hat were Dylan Miller, Tucker Chapman, Abby Roy, Catrina Gallagher and Hannah Angell.

The whole class worked on the thoughtful questions and eight were picked to ask Mr. Simpson. Then it was time to film the video. Students stayed after school to take a trip to the farm for the interview.

After interviewing, the whole class worked on editing the video, adding text and music to make it interesting to watch. Long story short, now the wait begins to see if this class will be the winner. The winner gets a $1,000 for a science field trip. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!

Written by Tracie Surridge's first period fourth-grade Science Class.


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