Cabot School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the second quarter of the 2014-2015 academic year. Criteria for the Honor Roll is: High Honors, all grades are A or higher; First Honors, all grades are B or higher; Second Honors, all grades are B- or higher.

High School: Tiger Bastress, Lauren Bellavance, Rebecca Blaisdell, Alisha Celley, Heidi Cookson, Galadriel Morse, Madeline Morse, Clara Mueller-Harder, Gage Sironi, Emma Stecker, Jasmine Tetreault, Abigail Walker and Megan Walker.

Middle School: Gabriella Ambroz, Isabel Maine-Torres and Billie O'Connor.

High School: Taylor Abbott, Kyle Celley, Tobias Cooke, Virginia Foster, Jordan Hale, Matthew Lehoe, Jeremy Maxfield, Isabella McCallum, Alexis McGary, Clementine O'Connor, Lyrica Stelle and Samantha Villeneuve.

Middle School: Benjamin Carpenter, Daniel Durgin, Rider LaLomia and Liam Tobin.

High School: Hannah Barnhart, Isaac Barnhart, Shannon Harvey, Rowan Lanxner, Forrest Paquin, Mark Schumacher and Dylan Wright.

Middle School: Lillian Bailey, Jacob Barnhart, Callahan Burke, Mason Ecklund-Gustavson, Claudia Farnham, Brooke Fontaine and Lillian Scott.


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