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Charleston Elementary School

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Charleston Elementary School has implemented a quarterly Student Recognition Program to recognize students for their exemplary academic efforts, citizenship, good school attendance and good discipline. Charleston staff have also honored students who have worked to their Edge of Excellence. Below is a list of students who have been honored so far this year.

Grade 6: Aliza Wright, Demi Mosher, Alex Fearino and Taylor Ivers.

Grade 8: Kathy Wilson, Shannon McAllister, Kyle Lamoureux and Dani LaMadeleine.

Grade 7: Christina Morey, Katelyn Hunt, Curtis Bowen and Christian Poulin.

Grade 6: Maria Lacriox

Grade 5: Khelsie Baker and Gabe Lepine.

Grade 4: Logan Merril and Shawn Fearino.

Grade 3: Sam Gonyaw, Katie Morey and Bria Austin.

Grade 2: Joseph Hoadley, Cooper Brueck, Marelle Mosher, Justin White and Brady Wright.

Grade 1: Caleb Nadeau, Jacob Baker, Ryleigh Bruce and Katelyn Ivers.

Kindergarten: Sabine Brueck, Alan Esposito, Tyler Morey, Ethan Moulton, Michaela Randall and Brendan Scelza.

Grade 6: Demara Mosher, Alex Fearino and Taylor Ivers.

Grade 8: Kathy Wilson

Grade 7: Christina Morey, Travon Colburn and Curtis Bowen.

Grade 6: Aliza Wright

Grade 5: Khelsie Baker and Gabe Lepine.

Grade 4: Shawn Fearino

Grade 3: Juliette Davignon, Katie Morey, Bria Austin, Tristin Colburn and Joey Wilson.

Grade 2: Cooper Brueck and Marelle Mosher.

Grade 1: Brianna Martin, Jacob Baker, Ryleigh Bruce, Katelyn Ivers and Dakoda Clark.

Kindergarten: Tyler Morey and Brendan Scelza.

Female Student: Marelle Mosher

Male Student: Samuel Gonyaw

Female Student: Kathy Wilson

Male Student: Kyle Lamoureux

Female Student: Demara Mosher

Male Student: Curtis Bowen


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