Daisy Bronson Middle School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2012-2013 academic year.

Grade 8: Abhinay Burra, Avery Cheng, Braedon Lineman, Jarod Nelson, Griffen Northrop and Cooper Paradice.

Grade 7: Rilee Clark, Emily Daine, Darcy Horne and Kaylee Santo.

Grade 8: Gabriel Anan, Julia Bews, Emma Bogardus, Logan Briggs, Abigail Cullen, Regan Hadlock, Jordan Haggett, Destiny House, Cy Kezerian, Oliver Laflamme, Maya Littlefield, Nicolas Ramirez and Olivia Trahan.

Grade 7: Susan Aubin, Alyssa Cusano, Katrien Dexter, Sheridan Garneau, Kayleigh Hartshorn, Jillian Horner, Jessica Houle, Zachary Lahout, Ryan Louis, Allie Millen, Warren Perry, Zachary Pickens, Ethan Place, Cameron Poulton, Quintin Ross, Giuliano Rossi, Rebecca Stewart, Benjamin Sweeney, Derek Walker and Sara Whitcomb.

Grade 8: Miranda Hayes, Nathaniel Krol Corliss, Amanda Longchamps, Corey Porfido and Taylor Yeargle.

Grade 7: Jacob Allaire, Nathaniel Anderson, Jacob Baird, Benjamin Bartlett, Ethan Boulanger, Lucas Bray, Jack Costa, Katelyn Courville, Tia Ferron, Brody Fillion, Kyele Hartshorn, Brooklyn Odell and Scott Ridlon.


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