Danville School will resume classes on Monday, Aug. 26. The following are the bus routes for the 2013-2014 school year.

Bus Route 1: Students riding from St. Johnsbury, Pumpkin Hill, Dole Hill, Route 2, Brainerd Street and Joe's Brook Road.

Route 1 Driver -- Denise Briggs

This route will begin on Pumpkin Hill Road at 6:45 a.m.; proceeding to Pearl Street in St. Johnsbury, 6:55; back up Route 2B to the end of Pumpkin Hill Road, 7:10; Dole Hill Road, 7:18; down Brainerd Street, 7:22; to Barnet town line turn-around, 7:35; back up Joe's Brook Road, arriving at school at 7:45.

The afternoon run will be the reverse of the morning route. Beginning on Brainerd Street/Joe's Brook, 2:55; going to St. Johnsbury by way of Route 2B, 3:35; ending in Pumpkin Hill area, 3:50.

Bus Route 2: Students riding from Walden, West Danville, Route 2 West, Peacham, Barnet and the Peacham Road.

Route 2 Driver -- Martha Bissell

This route will begin picking children up at the Walden School at 6:45 a.m.; proceeding to West Danville, 7:52; along Route 2, dropping off at the school at 7:05.

The bus will then go down Peacham Road to Peacham Village, 7:15; proceed to South Peacham, 7:20; cross into East Peacham, 7:25; out East Peacham Road, picking children up on Peacham Road during the return trip, arriving at the school at 7:35.

The afternoon run will be the opposite of the morning route. The bus will go to Peacham School, 3:08; return to the Danville School to reload, 3:25; go through West Danville, 3:35; ending in Walden, 3:40.

Bus Route 3: Students riding from North Danville, Bruce Badger Memorial Highway and Hill Street.

Route 3 Driver -- Joanne Bumps

This route will begin picking up on the North Danville Road (below Joanne's house) at 6:55 a.m.; proceeding onto Goss Hollow Road, 7; to Stanton Road, 7:07; Tampico, 4 corners, 7:10; Wheelock Road, 7:18; McDowell Road, 7:20; turning around at Cole's Pond Road, 7:25; McReynolds Road, 7:27; North Danville Village, 7:32; proceed on Bruce Badger Memorial Highway, picking children up on the way to school, arriving at 7:45.

The afternoon route will be run from Bruce Badger Memorial Highway to McDowell Road, McReynolds Road, to North Danville Village. From there, down the North Danville Road, to Goss Hollow Road, Stanton Road, Tampico Road, Wheelock Road and Old North Church Road.

Timing on the routes may vary by a couple of minutes. Please have your children to their stops at least 5 minutes ahead of the time listed. Any questions, call Denise Briggs, transportation coordinator, 748-5077.


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