Enterprising Newbury Students Provide Financial Aid To Moretown School


Newbury Elementary School fifth graders are shown with their “Ye Royal Compost” bags, which they sold to raise funds to benefit the Moretown Elementary School which was devastated by Tropical Storm Irene last summer: kneeling from left, Seth Carson, Alayna Welch, Megan Hebb, Tharon Chalifoux and Spencer Borelli; second row, Noah Scott, Nathan Longmore (half hidden), JJ Emerson, Jennifer Wilds (with sign), Zachary Koslowsy, Tristan Oakley and Mason Tomlinson; back row, Jarret Rock, Evan Flaherty, Summer Paye, Lindsey Carbee and Breannah Grant. Other participating students include William Douglas, Dustin Hood and Grace Allard.

The following articles were submitted by the fifth-grade class at Newbury Elementary School concerning their efforts provide aid to Moretown Elementary School, which suffered a lot of damage during Tropical Storm Irene.

Newbury fifth graders have been selling Ye Royal Compost for cash and giving it to Moretown Elementary because of all Hurricane Irene's damage done to their school. They had to teach outside in tents. To help them, the fifth grade of NES did two projects.

The first project was composting. We took scraps from lunches and put them in our tumblers and turned them into dirt. After, we put the compost in decorated paper bags and sold them. We called our compost "Ye Royal Compost" because we are the Newbury Knights.

Also, the whole school did a coin drive where each class had a jar to fill up with coins and we donated that money too to Moretown Elementary so they could repair their school. We did this project from September 30th through October 14th. So far we made over $900 dollars to help the Moretown learners. Over $40 came from the fifth grade compost project.

By Zachary Koslowsky

Moretown has been destroyed! Who will help them in their time of distress?! On Sept. 30-Oct. 14 ... one school helped ... a town forced to live in a collision of destruction ... one school has raised money ... to help ... the cause ... of ... MORE FOR MORETOWN!

NES (Newbury Elementary School) has helped raise money to help fix the destruction of Moretown Elementary School that was caused by hurricane Irene and her flood. Fifth graders at NES have made a creative way to raise money for Moretown. YES! YOU GUESSED IT! THEY SOLD COMPOST! I don't think you really guessed that ,but, what the hay! You shouldn't be asking why they did this but if somehow you missed the big bold letters at the top they did this to help Moretown.

The 5th graders made compost, MADE! Very cool right? Mr. Goodell, the teacher of 5th grade, made a list. The list shows what 5th graders were partners and what day the partners did compost. The partners had kids from lunch dispose of their food into the compost buckets all through lunch. Then the two 5th graders put the food into big green tumblers. The food, mixed with sawdust, was then tumbled the tumblers to make COMPOST!

Now how did they name the compost? Very good question. The 5th graders all made up names for the compost. Then they voted (sadly only one 5th grader voted.) The name that was picked was "YE ROYAL COMPOST." Why this theme for a name? Well ... because Newbury Elementary School's mascot are "THE KNIGHTS." The name "Ye Royal Compost" was made by 5th grader Spencer. 5th grade sold many bags of compost. This is the generous doing of NES.


by Spencer Borrelli

There was a school project at Newbury Elementary School to raise money for Moretown Elementary School when it got hit by Hurricane Irene. Each classroom had a bucket that people fill with coins for Moretown Elementary School. The N.E.S. fifth graders also sold compost to raise money for Moretown Elementary School between Sept. 30 and Oct.14. They got the compost from the school lunches. At the end of lunch, all the remaining food was dumped into buckets, which were taken out to some green tumblers outside. Then the tumblers were turned, and sawdust was added if needed. Then it was packed into bags and sold. The compost brand name is Ye Royal Compost, which is the name because the basketball team is called The Newbury Knights. It was by donation. At the end the fifth graders raised $48 just from the compost. Overall, the whole school raised over $900 and that is the Moretown Relief Project.

By William Douglas


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