Newport Town School celebrated Red Ribbon Week, Monday, Oct. 22 through Friday, Oct. 28. Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the United States. Students at Newport Town School pledged to live a drug free life by participating in activities during the week.

Two of the activities were "It's crazy to do drugs" (students wore a crazy hairstyle) and "Drugs have no place in my future" (student dressed as what they want to be when they grow up). Thank you to North Country Hospital for supplying all the red ribbon items.

Article submitted by Briar Larose (sixth-grade P.I.L.O.T.S. student).

Newport Town School held its annual Fall Festival and Thanksgiving Dinner.

Fall Festival took place Thursday evening, Oct 20. During Fall Festival parents and community members are invited to celebrate harvest time. Students, staff and parents enjoyed this event and had the chance to taste many dishes prepared by each class. Each grade made its own special dish, such as, pizza, baked beans, beef jerky, veggies and dip, cornbread and homemade butter, corn chowder, pumpkin dip and applesauce. The school also had a silent auction to benefit future Fall Festivals.

The Thanksgiving dinner was held on Wednesday, Nov. 9 during the lunch period. Families and community members were invited to join staff and students for a delicious Thanksgiving meal prepared by our wonderful lunch staff, Nancy Miller and Coleen Percy.

Submitted by Connor Laplume (sixth-grade P.I.L.O.T.S. student).

Northwoods Stewardship Center visited Newport Town School on Oct. 8. Maria Young presented " Under the Snow." This presentation informed students on how animals in Vermont survive during the winter months. This event was sponsored by the Garden Club of Newport.

Mix it Up at Lunch Day is a special day that happens in schools all around the world. This event took place on Oct. 18 and is a national campaign sponsored by Teaching Tolerance. On this day students sit next to someone that they have never sat with before. Newport Town School participated in this event and enjoyed making new friends and leaning more about each other. The "mixer" students played was "Would you rather." Students sat at tables by their birthday month.

Submitted by Zachary Rodriguez (sixth-grade P.I.L.O.T.S. student).


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