MONTPELIER -- Jay Hoffman, a technology education teacher at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington, was recently named by Education deputy commissioner John Fischer and State Board of Education (SBE) chair Stephan Morse as the 2013 Vermont Teacher of the Year.

Also honored were: Alternate, Jason Di Giulio, an English teacher at Canaan Memorial High School; and Finalist, Susan Zeineth-Collins, an English language arts/social studies teacher at Montgomery Elementary School.

As the 2013 Teacher of the Year, Hoffman will travel statewide visiting schools and working with teachers. In addition, he is Vermont's candidate for the National Teacher of the Year award, sponsored by the Council of Chief State School Officers. Hoffman will travel to Washington, D.C. this spring for a reception at the White House, where he will meet the President.

The assembly included remarks by Hoffman, Deputy Commissioner Fischer, Chair Morse, Principal Karsten Schlenter, and Superintendent David Young. Representatives from Senator Leahy's, Senator Sander's, Congressman Welch's, and Mayor Weinberger's offices, as well as past Teachers of the Year were present. Hoffman was presented with SMART Board â?¢ equipment and software for his classroom by Barry Waldner of New England SMART Technologies, with software going to the two finalists.

Hoffman, a resident of Burlington, has taught Technology Education at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School since 1997. He received his Masters in Education from State University of New York at New Paltz in 1994, with a B.S. in Technology Education from State University of New York at Oswego in 1981. Hoffman was appointed to the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE) in 2012 by Governor Shumlin. He is actively involved in the Regional Education Technology Network (RETN), the Vermont Technology Association, Teen Lures Prevention, Comcast Cable, and the Vermont NEA. In 2002 Hoffman co-founded South Burlington Network News (SBNN), the middle school's student-run news broadcast studio.


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