GMTCC Forestry Students Compete At Saco Valley Woodsman Day


Green Mountain Technical Career Center Forestry students had a very successful day at the Saco Valley Woodsman Day hosted by the Fryeburg Fair in Fryeburg, Maine on Oct. 1. The GMTCC Woodsman Team competed in the Collegiate group against other seasoned Woodsman Teams from the University of Maine at Orono, University of New Hampshire, University of Connecticut and Unity College.

GMTCC Forestry Program, located in Hardwick, is part of the Green Mountain Technical Career Center with its main campus located in Hyde Park, Vt. Students are comprised of high school aged juniors and seniors. These students have chosen career paths that prepare them for employment directly into the industry or college preparation. GMTCC Forestry students focus mainly on the sound principles of woodlot management. Community and administrative support has played a tremendous role in many of the successes the program has experienced.

GMTCC Forestry students placed first in three of the six woodsman events including, Buck Saw, Log Roll, Axe Throw, Cross Cut, Standing Block Chop and Underhand Chop.

GMTCC Forestry student Nick Molleur placed first in the Buck Saw, Axe Throw and Log Roll. He also placed fifth in the Crosscut Event. Dan Laggis place first in the Log Roll, third in the Buck Saw, fifth in the Axe Throw and fifth in the Cross Cut event. Bill Quinn and Trey Allen placed sixth in the Cross Cut event as a team.

This event exposes GMTCC Forestry students to many forest professionals who openly share their knowledge and experiences about what type of employment opportunities are available and what it takes for a young person to prepare for those opportunities.

With the exception of GMTCC competitors, all other entrants of the Collegiate Events were older and more experienced students enrolled in colleges and universities. It was a genuine pleasure to see all of these students working together as a team towards a common goal and sharing woodsman skills and techniques.


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