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Greensboro Students Will Learn, Bake and Share With King Arthur Flour

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GREENSBORO -- The smell of home-baked bread will be in the air around Greensboro when the King Arthur Flour Company of Norwich, Vt. brings the Bake for Good: Kids Learn Bake Share Program to Lakeview Elementary School on Nov. 12, to teach 38 fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students to bake fresh, nutritious bread from scratch.

"The Bake for Good: Kids Program has three goals for kids: learn, bake, share," says Paula Gray, Bake for Good: Kids Program manager. "The cross-curricular program includes math, science, reading, following directions and more; they learn about baking via practical application of those skills. After the 50-minute presentation, kids can't wait to bake; they're eager to use and share their new-found knowledge by baking for others, and they get to eat some of their 'homework.' The results are beautiful, and taste great!"

The assembly will be held in the multipurpose room at 9:30 am. Students will go home with ingredients (including King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour), baking skills, and the confidence to bake two loaves of bread by themselves -- one to enjoy with their family and another to bring back to school to share with their community. The learning continues as students experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping others. Bread will be collected by the school and donated to Hardwick Area Food Shelf.

The free Bake for Good: Kids Learn Bake Share Program has reached over 235,000 fourth- through seventh-grade students across the country. "We're training the next generation of community-minded bakers!" says Gray. "Kids say it feels good to give back."

King Arthur Flour is America's oldest flour company and premier baking resource, offering ingredients, mixes, tools, recipes, educational opportunities, and inspiration to bakers of all ages and skill levels worldwide. Learn more at


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