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Groveton High School

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Groveton High School recently announced those students achieving the Jr./Sr. High School Honor Roll for the second quarter of the 2014-2015 school year. To be on High Honors, students must have a cumulative average for the quarter of 93 or better with no single grade below 90. To earn Honors, the cumulative average needs to be an 88 or better with no grade below 85.

Grade 12: Alyssa Blodgett, Brianna Boisselle, Katie Desautels, Nicholas Laberge, Alicia Lesperance, Breanna Mosher, Sean Rainville and Tanisha Singer.

Grade 11: Megan Allin, Danielle Bilodeau, Cassady Brown, Jenna Randall and Jacob Robinson.

Grade 10: Kiera Deblois, Jennifer Ravens and Brieann Wallace.

Grade 9: Christina Asher, Cody Charron and Erik Lynch.

Grade 8: Isabel McCarthy, Brooke Routhier and Khaley Styles.

Grade 7: Kelsea Brasseur and Colleen Murray.

Grade 12: Jessica Fury, Tatum Hudson, Hayleigh Martin, Julia Prince and Nathan Tetreault.

Grade 11: Adam Ash, Ryan Chapple, Lance Clark, Elizabeth Cross, Jourdain Goulet, Christian Guay, Daniel Mundell and Abbey Pelletier.

Grade 10: Corey Gadwah, Andrew Howland, Sadie Kennett and Haley Watson.

Grade 9: Matthew Guay, Kyle Hicks and Christian Simpson.

Grade 8: Parker Canton and Lydia Cross.

Grade 7: Lexie McMann and Joshua Wheelock.

Grade 6: Emmalee DeBlois and Colby Stinson.


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