"It is the mission of the Danville School to create a safe environment where each individual can grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. We create a community of learners by emphasizing learning, respect, confidence, and individual excellence."

Twelfth-grade student Jamie Cyr is a winner of the 2012 Hood© Good Sportsmanship Scholarship. Jamie will receive $5,000 to be applied toward higher education tuition expenses. This award is presented to only 18 scholar athletes from around New England that meet the following criteria:

â?¢ Minimum of a 3.0 grade point average

â?¢ Participated in a varsity sport in high school

â?¢ Volunteered in his/her community

â?¢ Displayed a high degree of sportsmanship while participating in sports in high school

The 5th/6th-grade students recently participated in the Danville School Science Fair. Teachers Nick Decaro and Chris Rapoza organized the event. Each student prepared their own experiment and presented their findings. Students began with a question or problem and followed the scientific method to find answers and design solutions. Winners included: first place, Connor Barany; second place, Chelsea Carcoba; third place, Torie Findlay; fourth place, Nathaniel Steele; honorable mention, Bradley Smith. Special thanks to high school students Megan Potts and Brady Rainville for volunteering their time and expertise to be guest judges at the science fair!

High school musicians Ryan Clancy, Jennie Moore and Shaunna Royce attended the Northeast Vermont District Music Festival recently. They spent several days at North Country Union High School in Newport performing and participating. By all accounts they played beautifully and represented Danville School to very high standards. Great job!

Danville School was fortunate to host artists in residence Peter Gould and Kailie Larkin April 9-13. Both are accomplished artists and educators. They provided workshops throughout the week for students from all grade levels which culminated in a school wide performance and celebration on Friday. Students from each grade K-12 performed creative and original theatrical work. It was a great opportunity for students to explore the arts, collaborate, and have fun. Special thanks to the Danville PTG for their support of this event.

For those of you with Internet access, please feel free to check out our website at: www.danvillek12vt.us and follow the links to find our blog and Facebook page. All of these pages are updated frequently with exciting information from Danville School. A special thank you to our staff, students, and families for their support in maintaining a positive and supportive learning environment from Pre-K through grade 12! We are committed to helping EVERY student learn and grow EVERY day.

Noah Noyes is co-principal at Danville School for grades 7-12.


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