Lake Region Marching Band To Perform At Eastern States Expo


Members of the Lake Region Union High School Concert Band include: front row from left, Anna Willis (tenor sax), Shannon Eubanks (French horn), Gratia Rowell (baritone horn), Heather Cross (clarinet/keyboard), Katie Menard (alto sax), Kaitlin Adams (alto sax), Katie Neal (bass clarinet), Haley Kennedy (alto sax), and Karamae Hayman-Jones (trumpet); back row, Hannah Doncaster (baritone sax), Dr. Doncaster (director), Isaac Sweeney (alto sax), Althea Holland (flute), Morgan Valley (flute), Caleb Sweeney (percussion), Kyle Moulton (trupet), Morgan Mason (flute), Trevor Miller (trumpet), Zeb McCoy (trombone), Jared Wiggett (baritone sax), Jesse Fecher (trumpet), Spencer Perry (trumpet), and Dana LeBlanc (trumpet). Tiffany Wheeler (alto sax) is also a member.

ORLEANS -- The Lake Region Union High School Marching Ban, under the direction of the school's music director, Dr. Sara Doncaster, will be representing Vermont on Sept. 21 in Springfield, Mass. at The Eastern States Exposition in the Vermont Day parade.

Vermont Day at the Big E (weather permitting) is usually the largest day during the 17-day fair, with somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 people on the grounds. The band has been rehearsing since mid-July and is a true representation of our school community: elementary, junior high and high school band students will be marching along with faculty and alumni. The band is performing three musical selections: the premiere of Dr. Doncaster's arrangement of "Life Goes On" a rock song by the Northeast Kingdom based band, "Electric Sorcery"; Karl King's traditional march, "The Peacemaker"; and the New Orleans style march, "Take It To the Streets."

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