Lake Region Union High School, in Orleans, recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the third quarter of the 2014-2015 academic year.

Grade 12: Jade Jarvis, Olivia King, Matthew Messier, Kathrine Neal, Allison Piette, Gratia Rowell and Sydney Whipple.

Grade 11: Emily Faust, Melanie Gagnon, Karamae Hayman-Jones, Cassi Martin, Jade Piette and Maya Willey.

Grade 10: Carly Boudreau, Maria Brosseau, Hunter Cota, Rebecca Doucet, Emily Klar, Avery Marcotte, Ashley Morrill, Olivia Owens, Andrew Parkinson, Colton Porter, April Streeter and Isabel Wildflower.

Grade 9: Melanie Joubert, Cody Lanou, Brady Perron, Celeste Piette, Emma Strange, Harmon Tessier, L 9

Grade 12: Shaylyn Beaton, Amber Bernier, Althea Holland, Evan McKenzie, Kayla Poginy and Caleb Sweeney.

Grade 11: Collin Allard, Rachel Butts, Daniel Epinette, Sage Huff, Katie Menard, Grace Miller, Nikole Roessler, Kiana Royer and Ryan Streeter.

Grade 10: Samuel Delorenzo, Hunter Duquette, Margo Foster, Savannah Glodgett, Zachary Hale, Taylor Lawson, Brooke Morley and Breanne Silvestro.

Grade 9: Rileah Ball, Parker Brown, Sierra Butts, Emma Coy, Brendan Dutton, Jordan Fecher, Caelyn Gonzalez, Rian Hayman-Jones, Molly Horton, Liam Kennedy, Bradey Kerr, Abigail Ladd, Joshua Lavine, Megan Martin, Paige Menard, Timothy Prue, Chad Royer, Noah Royer, Roger Sawyer, Alexis Smith, Kaden Swett and Connor Vezina.

Grade 12: Angelann Rousseau and Ian Strange.

Grade 11: Jared Lehouillier, Kaitlyn Lemieux, Bianca Mackay, Kristen Rowell and Bailey Turner.

Grade 10: Hannah Brown, Dani LaMadeleine and Brittany Marsh.

Grade 9: Catherine Beers, Nathaniel Chambers, Catherine Close, Logan Dolloff, Apple HillBarnes, Andre Laliberte Jr., Justin Larabee, Michael Leaker, Nathaniel Mason, Mariah Moore and Jasmyn Taft.


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