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Lake Region Union High School

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Lake Region Union High School in Orleans recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the fourth quarter of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Grade 12: Shannon Eubanks, Joel Fecher, Harrison Fromm, Connor Gaboriault, Dustin Lapierre, Sabrina Roberge, Averill Snyder and Michelle Thibeault.

Grade 11: Shelby Carpentier, Jade Jarvis, Matthew Messier, Kathrine Neal, Allison Piette, Kayla Poginy, Cassie Tarbox, Tyrah Urie and Sydney Whipple.

Grade 10: Karamae Hayman-Jones and Jade Piette.

Grade 9: Maria Brosseau, Rebecca Doucet, Avery Marcotte, Ashley Morrill, Olivia Owens, April Streeter and Isabel Wildflower.

Grade 12: Cody Dolloff, Emma English, Paul Gaboriault, Clark Hayden, Justin Healy, Vincent Lewis, Bethany Lucas, Celine Marcotte, Brittany Menken, Emily Millar, Keshia Paddleford, Isiah Palmer, Nicole Roy and Amber Vreeland.

Grade 11: Shaylyn Beaton, Karina Cimborova, Emily Close, Althea Holland, Matthew Lanoue, Elijah Leroux, Evan McKenzie, Silvia Pelella, Gratia Rowell, Albert Schandl and Ian Strange.

Grade 10: Taryn Fairbrother, Shania Hayes, Cassi Martin, Katie Menard, Grace Miller, Noah Racine, Bree-Ann Vallieres and Maya Willey.

Grade 9: Chantelle Cole, Hunter Cota, Samuel Delorenzo, Camden Devereux, Hunter Duquette, Margo Foster, Emily Klar, Mikayla LaMadeleine, Micah Lawson, Taylor Lawson, Brooke Morley, Andrew Parkinson, Colton Porter, Natacia Sawyer, Breanne Silvestro, Katherine Whipple and Kaitlen Williams.

Grade 12: Corrina Cota, Jeremy Dean, Kyle George, Josh Locke, Celeste Lussier, Jonathon Pray, Toni Rushlow and Joshua Thibault.

Grade 11: Tyler Blanchard, Megan Hancock, Logan Harper, Shaun Kerr, Olivia King, Emily Lawson, Nora Muhonen, Holden Poirier, Lucas Roy and Abigail Stone.

Grade 10: Rachel Butts, Jacob Dewing, Roberto Diaz and Bailey Turner.

Grade 9: Carly Boudreau, Victoria Geraw, Savannah Glodgett, Michaela Gonyaw, Zachary Hale, Hailey Harding, Samantha Hill, Alexis Middleton-Malshuk and Erin Smith.


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