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Lakeway Students Work To Show Responsibility To Self, School And The Community

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Lakeway Students Work To Show Responsibility To Self, School And The Community


Three fourth-grade classes at Lakeway Elementary School spend time picking up trash along the Riverwalk in Littleton as a part of a school-wide initiative on responsibility.

LITTLETON, NH -- Students from Lakeway Elementary School will be spending time throughout the months of April and early May cleaning up around the school and several locations in town. The Lakeway Recycling Committee and PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) Committee created a plan to celebrate Earth Day and to help promote responsibility within the school and the community.

Students in all grades will be engaged in various activities to raise awareness of their responsibility to self, school and the community. Kindergarten students will make placemats for seniors to use at the Senior Center. Other grades will spend time beautifying the playground and the exterior of the building. Several classes will clean up local parks and recreation areas.

Lakeway students and families have set a goal to recycle 250 electronic items over the next month. If you have empty ink cartridges, old cell phones, laptops, unwanted CDs, video games, or VCR tapes, send them in with a student or drop them off at the school. The Lakeway Elementary School will receive money to continue the recycling program from these donated items.

PBIS is a proactive approach for school personnel to maximize students' academic and social outcomes. Students learn the behavioral expectations set by the school. Responsibility can be practiced at many levels. Members of both committees feel the activities planned for the upcoming month will help students' understand the different types of responsibility through school and community wide projects.


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