Lancaster School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2011-2012 school year.

High Honors

Grade 8: Emma Ainsworth, Alex Curtis, Emily Galasyn, Anastasia Maher, Emma Portinari, Tyler Welch, Ada Wharton and Kristin Williams.

Grade 7: Hallie Chancey, Cody Gillespie, Sierra Lamphere and Kiersten Pellerin.

Grade 6: Luke Beaulieu, Kennedy Blanchette, Samuel Call, Garrett Davison, Nathan Ezyk, Madison Force, Beverly Gesel, Amanda Haskins, Jacob LaBounty, Chloe Lemaire, Reilly MacKillop, Alyssa Jo McMann, Connor Quigley and Pyper Williams.

Grade 8: Elijah Allison, Amber Anderson, Corrinna Boggess, Tori Crowell, Samantha Donovan, Mariah Fryman, Imani Gaetjens-Oleson, Frances Gesel, Kaylah Graham, Andrew Kachmarik, Sophia Kenison, Kaitlyn Maccarone, Lily McCabe, Kate-Lynn McKenzie, Macie Millett, Gabrielle Scott, Jakob Willey, Megan Wright and Mark Zajac.

Grade 7: Autumn Anderson, Holly-Ann Barney, Kelsey Carlson, Kaleigh Corrigan, Rebecca Coulter, Patricia Foster, Dylan Gassek, Declan Higgins, Danika Kay, Zachry McMann, Jared Plumley, Brandon Rainault, Thomas Rogers Jr., Morgan Tanguay and Daniel Valdez.

Grade 6: Kylee Bailey, Bonnie Ballentine, Cameron Bosse, Garret Brigati, Kristina Briggs, Stetson Clement, Kaitlyn Delafontaine, Jacob Dixon, Makenna Force, Cassidy Hartshorn, Davalyn Kinkead, Matthew Kopp, Katelynn Laflamme, Matthew Maccarone, Lexus McFarland, Erica Moore, Kaitlyn Nelson, Morgan Phelan, Liam Raven, Tucker Sheridan, Makayla Walter, Ciara Wetherbee, Trae Whitney and Angelina Zajac.

Grade 5: Paul Ayer, Cloe Bean, Lydia Beaulieu, Catrina Boggess, Braxton Brown, Gunnar Carr, Erika Kay, Eduard LaBonte, Blayne Lachance, Hunter MacLeod, Lily Monahan, Rylee Monley, Zeke Pribbernow, Renee Sobliros, Owen Staley and Devin Walther.


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