Lisbon Regional School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the second marking period of the 2013-2014 academic year for grades 3-12. The requirements for honors recognition are: Principal's List, 4.0, all grades 93 or better; high honors, 3.5, all grades 85 or better; honors, 3.0, 85 percent average, no grade below 80 percent.

Grade 12: Rebecca Daniels, Brenna Ferro, Bryton Fontaine, Shannon McGrath, Olivia Myers, Jackson Smith, Sara Taylor and Anna Walker.

Grade 11: Calsea Bryer, Kenneth Hudson, Damien McGuire and Erin Proctor.

Grade 10: Elizabeth Cross, Samantha Daniels, Elizabeth Ho-Sing Loy, Cathlin Lord, Deanna McGuire, Nolan Nightingale, Rebecca Peters, Zachary Smith and Mikala Woods.

Grade 9: Alyssa Jellison, Sydney Lambert, Noah Locke, Emily McCormack, Jacob McCormack, Joshua McCormack, Jenna Myers and Laura Superchi.

Grade 8: Nathaniel Bronson, Trevor Fenoff and Sarah Ho-Sing-Loy.

Grade 7: Tyler Brown, Natalie Cartwright and Sierra Jones.

Grade 5: Peyton Clark, Aiden Jesseman, Michael Langmaid, Travis Peters and Nathan Superchi.

Grade 4: Daniel Cole, Kendal Clark, Mason Langmaid and Aydin Tompert.

Grade 12: Megan Cunningham, Amanda Gamache, Dominic McGuire, Daniel Plant, Destiny Presley and Cameron Smith.

Grade 11: Abigail Bronson, Johnathan Brooks, Lindsey Heath, Kolonie Hudson, Jesse Jesseman, Alexandria Peterson and Justin Wright.

Grade 10: Angelina Beckett, John Robert Benoit, Branden Blowey, Dakota Carroll, Emma Champagne, Faith MacBean, Maria Pallozzi, Gaige Pequeno, Melenie Peters, Kathryn Stockley and Nicholas Trahan.

Grade 9: Kora Fisher, Rebecca Stockley and Tanis Tavernier III.

Grade 8: Mariko Aldrich-Holmes, Vitheavy Barton, Alexis Clark, Madison Lavoie, Corrine McGrath, Chelsea Mitton, Hayley Tattersall-Charette and Joshua Woods.

Grade 7: Alexa Boutin, Jacob Deem, Madisen Dumont, Sara Grant, Logan Lopus, Delaney Nightingale, Taylor Sartwell and Porsche Taylor.

Grade 6: Jared Jesseman, Joseph Lambert, Aydra Langmaid, Sydney Lavoie, Desiray Murphy, Dean Proctor and Siobhan Smith.

Grade 5: Raina Breen, Austin Fisher, William Lopus, Logan McKinley, Olivia Mardin and Brittnay Nolting.

Grade 4: Camden Burt, Sara Brown, Janessa Boynton, Noah Cacio, Dylan Colby, Cian Carroll, Gabrielle Dixon, Kiley Hill, Dylan Hersey, Abigail Mahoney and Brendan Wall.

Grade 3: Tayler Clark, Grace Hall and Trey Tompkins.

Grade 12: Corin Beckett, Dylan Blowey, Jocelyn Choate, Sydney Clement, Joshua Deem and Kayla Fifield.

Grade 11: Brodie Labonte, Kyle Lyndes, Courtney McKay, Karissa Peltier and Alexandria Pequeno.

Grade 10: Alyssa Bach, Hailey Dumont, Travis Gamache, Brianna McGrath and Griffin Romprey.

Grade 9: Jacob McKean

Grade 8: Timothy Barbarito, Myles Barnes and Madison Lewis.

Grade 7: Richard Aldrich-Holmes, Kiara Burke, Orin Isley-Hoile, Ethan Riggie, Hannah Romprey, Tyler Roystan, Logan Trahan, Aidan Veilleux and Elena Veilleux.

Grade 6: Alexander Anderson , Johnathan Boutin, Zachary Fisher, James Fryer III, Chloe Houston, Nadine Isler, Destiny Robinson and Jared Wall.

Grade 5: Johnnie Boynton, Aaron Davis, Abbie Hollingsworth-Richards, Graci Kaiser, Isis McGuire, Chad Neilson, Dylan Shaw and Jordyn VanZandt.

Grade 4: Jacy Aldrich, Katherine Bernal, Ryleigh Carroll, William Clark, Serenity Hannon, Keith Holmes, Roberta Holmes and Linkin Rosebrook.

Grade 3: Griffin Barnes, Kandace Bellville, Aiden Charette-Combs, Hudson DeRosa, Azaria Eathorne, Jaykob Lussier, Hayden Moody and Kotie Robinson.


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