COLCHESTER, VT -- The following area Saint Michael's College students are amongst the 46 SMC students to be awarded grants to do research with a professor this summer.

Taylor Luneau, a junior biology major, is carrying out a project titled U.S. Fish & Wildlife internship. He is the son of Marc and Patrice Luneau of East Hardwick and a graduate of St. Johnsbury Academy.

Katherine Schutt, a junior chemistry major, is carrying out a project titled Proteomic hydrophobicity tag for enhanced electrospray mass spectrometry. She is the daughter of Brian and Kelly Schutt of Groveton and a graduate of Groveton High School.

Saja Willard, a senior computer science major, is carrying out a project titled Math research position on the DnA design strategies project/Vt. Genetics Network grant. She is the daughter of Christopher and Michele Willard of Glover and a graduate of Lake Region Union High School.

"Undergraduate research is a natural extension of some of Saint Michael's College's most strongly held beliefs as an educational institution," said Dr. Karen Talentino, SMC vice president for Academic Affairs. "We believe that close student-faculty interaction facilitates learning and student development," said Talentino, herself a biologist.

The research happening at the college ranges from environmental data collection with the Vermont EPSCoR Streams project to surveying Vermont's workforce in an effort to increase the effectiveness of the Workforce Investment Act. Funding also has been provided by the college's summer fellowship program, the Vermont Genetics Network, the National Science Foundation, SMC alumni funds for research and other sources.

The wide range of research happening at the college includes, along with scientific research, history studies, and social science research, such as a study of the Impact of Technology on Religious Concepts of Community.


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