The following are the Lunenburg Elementary/Gilman Middle School bus schedules for the 2012-2013 school year. School resumes Aug. 29.

AM: 7, route starts; 7:10, proceed up South Lunenburg Road, pick up Lunenburg Elementary students only; 7:15, turn right on to Route 2; 7:23, Bobbin Mill Road; 7:28, Guildhall Hill Road; 7:28, return to Bobbin Mill Road; 7:32, Simonds Road; 7:32, Colby Road; 7:45, Downing Road; 7:46, Bobbin Mill Road; 7:48, Pond Hill Road; 7:50, turn around at Town pull off; 7:55, arrive at Lunenburg School for drop off and pick up middle school kids; 8, cross Route 2 to South Lunenburg Road, follow until River Road, pick up Gilman Middle School kids only; 8:10, arrive at Gilman Middle School for drop off.

PM: 3, pick students up at Gilman Middle School; 3:15, proceed up River Road, turn on to South Lunenburg Road; 3:25, arrive at Lunenburg School, drop of Lunenburg students that walk; 3:30, Pond Hill Road; 3:37, turn around at Town pull off; 3:42, Colby Road; 3:50, turn around at Biz Z Bee Farm; 3:56, Bobbin Mill Road; 4:04, Guildhall Hill Road; 4:08, turn around at Simonds Road; 4:10, Bobbin Mill Road; 4:15, turn on to Route 2; 4:20, last stop.

AM: 7:05, South Lunenburg Road; 7:10, Gilman; 7:15, East Concord; 7:18, Dance Hall Road, East Concord; 7:20, Dance Hall Road; 7:22, turn right to Route 2; 7:26, Route 2; 7:28, Route 2 to Dupont Road to Tobyne Road to Macie's Day Care; 7:37, back to Route 2; 7:38, turn around at Town Garage back to Baptist Hill Road; 7:43, Russel Farm Road; 7:49, continue to Gilman School, drop off and pick up students; 7:50, leave school yard, go toward Lunenburg; 8:06, 3 to 5 stops and arrive at Lunenburg School.

PM: 3, Lunenburg School to Gilman; 3:10, South Lunenburg Road; 3:16, stop at Gilman School, drop off and pick up, go right toward East Concord; 3:21, Riverside Rescue; 3:24, East Concord; 3:31, Dance Hall Road; 3:33, back to Oregon Road, right to Route 2, right towards Lunenburg; 3:43, Dupont Road, Tobyne Road to Macie's Day Care, turn around go back down road; 3:46, from Tobyne Road to Route 2; 3:55, Transfer Road; 3:57, Streeter Lane; 3:57, back to town to Baptist Hill Road; 4:16, Baptist Hill Road; 4:18, last stop on Baptist Hill Road.


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