Lyndon Town School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll and recognized as good citizens for the second marking period of the 2012-2013 school year.

Grade 8: Emily Dunn, Kelsie Jardine, Madison Lefebvre and Tessa Nelson.

Grade 7: Jade Berry, Mitchell Chase, Justin Joyal, Cortnee Keefer and William Miller-Brown.

Grade 6: Jack Luna

Grade 8: Gracie Ducker, Katey Harris, Michaela Ross, Madalyn Sanborn and Nigel Waring.

Grade 7: Alicia Brisson, Izzy Dodge, Brianna Doty, Kelsie Hagman, Zavier Hastings, Caleb Kittredge, Jacky Lau, Zosia Prince, Tiffany Sanville, Andrew Stimpson, Nicole Tucker and Connor Whitehead.

Grade 6: Saige Bandy, Evan Bollman, Drew Dudas, Cindy Fournier, Larissa Hackett, Brittney Smith, Jack Steen, Logan Wales and Haley Wallek.

Grade 8: Trevor Brink, Erin Gammell and Brianna Lamothe.

Grade 7: Mikel Abbott, Kelsea Aldrich, Cady Austin, Kortney Coons, Patric Edmunds, Mariah Kimball, Ty Langtange, Madison Murray, Dylanie Nichols and Kaelynn Silver.

Grade 6: Cloey Hodgdon, Erica McAllister, Dominic Phelps and Cameron Raymond.


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