WINOOSKI, VT -- Through the 2014-2015 Vermont Mentoring Grants initiative, Mobius, Vermont's Mentoring Partnership recently awarded 27 grants, totaling $295,500, to support adult-to-youth mentoring programs throughout the state. This funding will support 100 new and existing program sites, and nearly 1,900 mentor pairs. Mobius also made two grants to support the planning phase of two new programs, which plan to launch next year.

"We are excited to collaborate with a wide variety of dedicated mentoring partners," said Chad Butt, executive director of Mobius. "Together we are working toward a common vision of supporting youth of all ages, by sustaining and expanding mentoring opportunities statewide."

Grant recipients specific to Caledonia and Orleans counties included Northeast Kingdom Youth Services in St. Johnsbury, which received a $1,000 grant to support around 10 mentor pairs in the JUMP Mentoring program, and the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union, which received a $4,000 planning grant for the Our Food Matters program, which it plans to launch next year.

Everybody Wins! Vermont, a statewide mentoring organization that supports literacy-based mentoring programs at elementary schools in Barton and St. Johnsbury, received a $51,000 grant to support its 25 mentoring program sites and around 650 mentor pairs in elementary schools around the state.

The Vermont Mentoring Grants are made possible through funding support from the A.D. Henderson Foundation, The Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children, and the Vermont Agency of Human Services. This year's grants are designed to fund the planning and implementation of new mentoring programs, and ongoing support for well-established quality programs that meet best practices. Specific focus areas for this year's grants include program collaboration to support mentoring matches staying together through high school graduation, and the implementation of the Quality Mentoring System, a new assessment system developed by Mobius and MENTOR (The National Mentoring Partnership) to help programs ensure they are meeting local and national quality standards.

For more information about the Vermont Mentoring Grants and this year's award recipients, please visit:

About Mentoring: According to the "Mentoring Effect," a study released in 2014 by MENTOR (The National Mentoring Partnership), one in three youth in Vermont will enter adulthood without having a formal or informal mentoring relationship with a caring adult. Adult-to-youth mentoring is a proven strategy for encouraging positive youth development. Based on an abundance of national research, having a mentor can enhance a young person's learning skills and help build resiliency and self-control. Youth with mentors are less likely to engage in risky behavior with drugs and alcohol, and are more likely to develop positive relationships with peers and adults, and to grow up to become productive members of society.

About Mobius: Now in its second year as Vermont's Mentoring Partnership, Mobius supports more than 150 adult-to-youth mentoring program sites, that serve around 2,500 mentor pairs throughout the state. Mobius partners with The Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children, the A.D. Henderson Foundation, and the Vermont Agency of Human Services to provide around $300,000 in funding each year for mentoring programs across Vermont. Mobius also offers technical support to programs, maintains an online program directory and referral system for volunteers, manages a quality-based program management database, raises public awareness of mentoring, and works with programs to lead statewide mentoring initiatives. For more information about Mobius, and mentoring programs and initiatives in Vermont, visit


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