North Country Union Junior High School recently announced those students achieving academic honor awards for the second quarter of the 2013-2014 school year.

Tyler Amyot, Hailey Andrews, Mary Ashman, William (Liam) Bailey-Rowe, Wyatt Barth, Jacob Bean, Anthony Bellizzi, Makayla Belmore, Elijah Berry, Olivia Berthiaume, Brittney Blake, Brandon Blau, Tabitha Bosley, Emilie Bouchard, Soleil Bouffard, Chyanne Boyce, Maya Brainard, Daleyn Brandich, Derrick Breault, Cassandra Brigham, Trevor Brown, Cody David Brownfield, Cohen Bryant, Tucker Camber, Ivy Caron, Grace Castle, Kasey Champney, Logan Chaput, Elizabeth Chitambar, Naomi Cloney, Tristan Coderre, Sage Conrad, Tracey Cooney, Dakota Cote, Madison Craig, Tyler Cross, Brianna Crouch, Chelsea Daigle, Sierra Daniels, Trent Davignon, Jaynie DeCosta, Giancarlo DeSena, Isabella DeSena, Joseph DeSena, Cheyenne Deslandes, Jacob Dopp, Jack Egan, Ashleigh Farrow, Abigail Fortin, Olyvia Fortin, Meghan Gervais, Brianna Ghosn, Isiak Gilman-Pothier, Carley Giroux, Noah Gonthier, Lauryn Goulet, Samantha Goulet, Adam Gray, Brandon Greene, Destiny Grimes, Dylan Gunn, Gabriella Gyurkovics, Anika Hamby, Alexander Haugwitz, Bretton Hawksworth, Alyssa Hilliker and Vincent Illuzzi.

Also, Matthew Irish, Maddie Jones, Riley Laffoon, Mallory Lancaster, Caleb Lanoue, Kieley Lawson, Riley Lopes, Katie Lucier, Ashley Martin, Melodee Martin, Mikayla Mayhew, Abbey McDaniel, Justin McGork, Evan McManus, Autumn McMullen, Corinne McNeal, Kaylee Mercer, Jillian Meredith, Trevin Merrill, Dylan Messier, Grant Meunier, Stephanie Miner, Jenna Morey, Hanna Morin, Shelby Morin, Sasha Morton, Guinevere Myers, Madeleine Nadeau, Lourdes Ortiz, Jacob Patenaude, Gwen Pettengill, Alisa Plotnikov, Anne Potter, Sydney Poulin, Mariah Poutre, Bethany Provoncha, Jacob Provost, Coral Robert, Eli Roberts, Hannah Roberts, Destiny Santaw, Terrance Santaw, Dija Selby, Anthony Shafe, Kendra Simpson, Samantha Smith, Brandon Starr, Ethan Starr, Dominic Stearns, AvaMarie Sutton-Berube, Brooklyn Szych-Brown, Dustin Taylor, Harmon Tessier, Chantal Therrien, Sarah Thwaite, Luke Treadwell, Bryant Tuller, Martina Turgeon, Katrina Urban, Thomas Varney, Shanelle Vincent, Justin Wade, AJay Warner, Sydney Wheeler, Friedrich Wilcox, Timothy Willis, Macallister Young and Patrick Young.


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