Profile Booster Club To Host Harlem Rockets

The Harlem Rockets

Profile Booster Club will be hosting special guests on Friday, Nov. 22 at 6:30 at Profile School in Bethlehem, N.H. The Harlem Rockets, a talented group of basketball entertainers who combine incredible showtime basketball skills and family-friendly comedy will face the Granite Profile in a game benefiting the Profile Booster Club.

Having played over 2500 games in 16 years without a single defeat, the Harlem Rockets offer something for everyone to enjoy. Sports enthusiasts will be intrigued by the athleticism and size of the Rockets.

Basketball aficionados will be dazzled by the ball-handling wizardry of Clarence "Mugsy" Leggett, one of the world's extraordinary dribblers and a former Harlem Globetrotter; satiated by the game of Devon "The Peoples Choice" Curry; and left awestruck by high-flying dunks of Cliff "Jet Blue" Malone who was featured in the Nike commercial released on Super Bowl Day.

Since this is comedy basketball, the Harlem Rockets will present the all-time-funny man and one of show basketball's greats, James "Speedy "Williams who was featured in the movie "Above The Rim," starring Tupac Shakur and Duane Martin. Speedy was also one of the "original Nike free-style ballers in the Nike commercial. Speedy performed live at the MTV Music Awards while Jay Z did his thing. He is better known as the "Crowned Prince Of Laughs."

The Harlem Rockets incorporate the audience, especially children, into the show and are always available to meet the fans and give autographs at halftime and after the game.

In this special event to raise money for the Profile Booster Club, the Granite Profile have agreed to face the Harlem Rockets. Granite Profile players include many local residents including teachers, law enforcement, and other local residents of all ages.

Tickets for what promises to be a fun-filled evening for the community are available by contacting Cyndi Keller at (603) 991-3221; Dawn Tholl at (603) 616-3757; or Marilyn O'Brien (603) 259-6195; or purchase them at the door. Other sponsors for this event are Garnet Hill, Woodsville Guaranty, Casella, and Peabody and Smith. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students.


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