Riverside School Students Win Inaugural NH Classical Forum


Riverside’s Latin Club holds the first-place trophy they won at the inaugural New Hampshire Forum of the Junior Classical League, which was organized in part by Latin teacher Roy Starling. Participants include: front row, eighth-graders Kate O’Farrell of Burke and Gage Hale of St. Johnsbury, seventh-grader Sarah Barrett of Westmore, eighth-graders Brenna Morgan of St. Johnsbury and Jordan Patoine of Lyndonville, and sixth-grader Katie Lyon of Waterford; second row, sixth-graders Nelson Eaton of Groton and Waverly Griffin of Danville, seventh-grader Meredith Nico of Sutton, eighth-grader Zack Starling of St. Johnsbury, and seventh-grader Elijah Clarke of East Haven; Roy Starling is standing in back.

LYNDONVILLE -- Sixth- through eighth-grade students in the Latin Club at The Riverside School won the inaugural New Hampshire Junior Classical League Forum held at Phillips Exeter Academy recently. The event was partly inspired and organized by Riverside's own Latin teacher Roy Starling.

Points were awarded for first-place individual results in written tests, certamen and olympika. A certamen is an academic Jeopardy game with teams of four students from each participating school. Despite being the only middle school in attendance, Riversiders won first place in enough events to take home first-place overall in the Forum.

In addition to competing the students participated attended a lecture on Roman daily life and a Roman Coin workshop.

Eighth-grader Kate O'Farrell won first place in the Roman History test. The team's success was also derived from the impressive performances by the winning Level 1 certamen team led by seventh-grader Sarah Barrett, eighth-grader Jordan Patoine's replica of a Roman Spear, and seventh-grader Elijah Clarke's prowess in the gladiatorial arena.

"The Riverside School" will be engraved in the first spot on the plaque at Phillips Exeter Academy recognizing winners of the event.

The three-hour trip to the host campus of Phillips Exeter Academy was made early on a Saturday morning by club members and parent chaperone drivers. Although they're proud to prepare well and take a weekend day to compete, Riverside's Latin students say that they really enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of meeting and socializing with other students of the ancient language.

Riverside Latin teacher Roy Starling worked with Phillips Exeter Latin teacher Nick Unger and Prof. Scott Smith from the University of New Hampshire to organize the event. Using the Ancient Greek concepts of philia (fellowship), agon (competition), and paideia (learning) as guiding principals for the event, they divided the duties of writing tests and certamen questions, organizing chariot races and lectures, and tallying points to create an event that will help build a community of Latin scholars in Vermont and New Hampshire.

The two states will send a joint delegation to this year's national convention of the JCL in San Antonio, Texas. Lyndon Institute freshman Angela Kubicke was elected to the leadership position of triumvir to lead the delegation this summer.


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