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SJA To Start Summer Youth Job Corps Program

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St. Johnsbury Academy will establish a Youth Job Corps this summer for rising ninth graders who reside in St. Johnsbury.

Enrolled students will participate in a three-week summer program that engages them in an innovative curriculum that addresses critical skills in six areas: leadership/team building, business/financial services, manufacturing, community service, food service, and communication/customer service.

Students enrolled in the program will receive a weekly salary, 80 percent of which they will earn in a weekly paycheck and 20 percent of which they will save. The curriculum also includes a healthy lifestyles component in which all students will participate daily.

Program coordinator Sarah Emery said, "the program will help provide area youth with the tools they need to aspire to successful careers at the Academy and beyond."

"The greatest resources that the St. Johnsbury Community has are our youth," she continued. "They are the energy of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Our goal, to create lifelong earners, will begin this summer -- we look forward to working with our future leaders!"

Students who complete the program will graduate with a college/career plan using the Kuder program, a suite of nationally known assessments that helps students explore their potential careers based on their skills and abilities as well as a values inventory that indicates what is important to them in their work environments.

The Youth Job Corp program costs $250 and runs three consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuition assistance is available. To find out more about this opportunity, contact Sarah Emery at or 751-2351.


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