SkillsUSA Club Begins Second Year at NCCC


Members of the SkillsUSA Club at North Country Career Center are: from the top, left to right, Aaron Turgeon, Shelby Dodge, Celine Champine (advisor), Tesia Cleveland, Rhomie Stewart, Briana Bonnell, Molly Palin and Brittany Royer.

NEWPORT -- The SkillsUSA Club at North Country Career Center has begun its second year as an active chapter. All across the nation, various high schools and technical centers active in SkillsUSA have helped students in leadership development, workplace skills and public speaking. At NCCC, the club will further continue this training by bringing in guest speakers and attending leadership conferences.

SkillsUSA has assisted students to better their self confidence and be more involved with the community. The club participates in competitions, fundraisers and community service. There are many different ways SkillsUSA members get involved, such as volunteering at food drives, animal shelters, nursing homes, elementary schools and more, all in which the members are planning to participate in this year. At North Country, the club member participation has gone up from 12 to nearly 30 members from last year and they have recently had the installation of this year's SkillsUSA club officers.

The program is now celebrating its 50th year anniversary. Over all, SkillsUSA has led to great success for many students through the years and North Country Career Center is proud to keep the chapters going.

The new SkillsUSA officers at NCCC have been selected: Molly Palin, as president, is a second-year student in Early Childhood Education; the vice president is Briana Bonnell, a second-year student in Health Careers; the secretary is Aaron Turgeon, who has taken Pre Tech Foundation courses; the treasurer is Tesia Cleveland, a second-year student in Culinary Arts; the reporter is Rhomie Stewart, a first-year student in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and also taking a Pre Tech class; the historian is Shelby Dodge, a second-year student in Health Careers; the parliamentarian is Brittany Royer, a second-year student in Health Careers.


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