Softball: Sport or Joke?


Danville School softball catcher Jennie Moore makes a play at home recently.

By Kate Langham

Danville Journalism Student

The stubbornness of what we do not know, and what we have yet to experience is most commonly accompanied by doubt and ridicule. An example of this close-minded mentality is the sport of softball. Believed to be the sport of agonizing dullness by most spectators of other more fast pace games, it is a stereotype that all softball and even baseball players will forever appreciate to be false.

I myself am on the Danville High School varsity softball team and am in the process of learning the skills and quickness of playing second base. The ability to think is possibly the most important aspect of any position on the field and making mistakes is not an option. The ability to make up for a mistake takes a multitude of extra effort and skill that may not be available at the time of the first mistake. The outcome of the game depends on the amount of mistakes the teams have made and their strength as a thinking team. I ask any soccer or basketball player to play one inning, or bat one time and attempt to appreciate the work and mental capacity one needs to have in order to play this sport.

Baseball and softball in my personal opinion, may be in fact the most boring sports ever to sit through and watch. The work that the players put into these sports is something you may be missing when watching a game because of the effort and brain-training players must put in previously to make it look effortless. It is now the beginning of the spring sport season and the excitement of the players to get out of the gym and onto the field is rising, but the work spent inside the gymnasium is no waste of time. This is where basic skills and training of pitching and batting take place and both these take skill and strength.

The most common, and perhaps annoying stereotype about this sport is that it is not a sport at all, and it takes little to no physical strength or endurance. I would ask the people who believe this to ask a pitcher or a catcher when and where they use their strength. Maybe they should take a stab at the bulky equipment catchers must wear, and pitch underhanded a fast ball and see just how fast it would go. The split second decision making, and the carrying through of the actions decided on is a difficult task. Pressure and the confidence it takes to be a part of a softball and baseball team is something many people may not understand. If people did, maybe they would understand the place softball and baseball holds within the sporting community.


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