St. Johnsbury Academy's Science Department will host a Forensics Camp June 24-29 for students who have just graduated from eighth grade.

Science instructors Dr. John Sayarath and Kathy Hockman will provide students, intrigued by the crime detection techniques seen on television's "CSI" series, an opportunity to explore the process of crime detection and the science behind the study of forensics.

Students will assume the role of forensics detectives in the investigation of simulated crime scenes. Scenarios chosen will involve the mastery of a wide variety of techniques that will require students to understand biological, chemical and physical principles.

The week will end in a simulated trial in which the student detectives will bring all of their forensics knowledge to bear to resolve a mystery. Students will also participate in adventure activities to help develop collaborative skills as they work together as a team to investigate mysteries.

In addition to activities held on the Academy campus, the students will participate in a field trip to the Caledonia County Sheriff's Department, where they will tour the department and discuss the importance of forensics in police work and of public service.

Students will tour the Caledonia County courthouse and review legal aspects and procedures related to the United States court system, providing the opportunity to see the legal system in action. They will also tour the parts of the courthouse that the public does not usually see, but are areas where professionals work. Another activity will include a presentation by Vermont State Police Detective Sargent Jason Letourneau.

The camp will take place on the Academy campus from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the camp's organizers ask that students wishing to attend be available for the entire week. The cost for the whole week is $25. Enrollment will be limited to 12 students, with those applying first having priority.

To apply, either phone Dr. Sayarath at 802-751-2255 or e-mail In your message, please supply the student's name, parents' names, address, phone and e-mail address, as well as an explanation -- in the student's own words -- why he or she would find attendance in such a camp valuable. Application forms are also available by visiting the Academy website at and inserting "Forensics Camp" in the search box on the homepage. Students should indicate their interest no later than June 24.


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