ST. JOHNSBURY -- Four nonprofits dedicated to the arts and culture in St. Johnsbury -- Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury Academy and St. Johnsbury Athenaeum -- will work with St. Johnsbury's schools to produce colorful banners that reflect the community's unique character. Banners will celebrate the "Arts & Culture Campus" on Main Street and Eastern Avenue, as well as the Railroad Street business district.

The St. Johnsbury Arts & Culture Alliance is working with the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce and Town Office to create banners that highlight the distinctive architecture, rich heritage and cultural life of the community.

Jody Fried, executive director of Catamount Arts explains, "We're eager to make a visible difference in a way that can be enjoyed by everyone and excited about working with students in St. Johnsbury's schools to showcase the dynamic arts scene that exists already."

The banners will be colorful markers that define a distinctive arts and culture district, along Main Street from the Fairbanks Museum to St. Johnsbury Academy and along Eastern Avenue from the Athenaeum to Catamount Arts and beyond.

Banner designs will relate to St. Johnsbury's architecture, community life, iconic parks or distinctive statues.

Joe Healy of St. Johnsbury Academy says, "This is a way to highlight our cultural heritage and call attention to the many treasures in our town." His thoughts are echoed by Jeff Moore, president of the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, who adds, "We're delighted to be working with this group to tap into the creative spirit of this community."

The St. Johnsbury's Arts & Culture Alliance was formed last year to enhance St. Johnsbury's cultural climate and creative economy. The Alma Gibbs Donchian Foundation provided a grant to support this banner project and the work of the St. Johnsbury Arts & Culture Alliance.

For more information, contact Healy at:; Fried at:; Anna Rubin, Fairbanks Museum, at:; or Mary Ellen Reis, St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, at:


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