Throughout the 11th year of North Country Charter Academy, a top priority is to provide excellent service to the communities, sending districts, students and supporters. The following is more success stories from NCCA students.

NCCA's Lancaster, N.H, school welcomes Evan Laundry, of Groveton, N.H., to the group of "just-about-done-with-high school" students. On March 27th, Evan completed his academic requirements at NCCA and is looking forward to the commencement ceremonies in June. Evan continues to take a CTE welding course at White Mountains Regional High School that will wrap up at the end of the traditional school year. In addition to this, he is currently employed by the Mountain View Grand Resort in Whitefield, N.H. He enjoys working there and takes on as many hours as they will allow.

Emily Offt, of the White Mountains Regional School District, has picked up the pace and made a big push towards completing her studies in March. She is now on pace to graduate in June. She has displayed an impressive commitment to all of her studies as of late. Along with her commitment to graduate is also a strong sense of pride in her academics. Emily has been on the Poverty Project, where students were asked to identify problems in the North Country and provide possible solutions.

Danielle Morganella came to NCCA -- Littleton from the Profile School District, needing just one credit in Biology to receive her high school diploma. She has been laser-focused and is just about finished. Her future post secondary plans are to attend White Mountains Community College, majoring in psychology and/or animal science. In her spare time, Danielle loves to cook and take her two dogs on walks.

Troy Dubey, of the WMRSD, has been a polite, hardworking student since he came to North Country Charter Academy. He has committed himself to completing his remaining graduate credits in order to move on to his next step in life. Troy's work within the English curriculum produced a NWEA Language assessment score that brought him up the scale 2.5 grade levels.


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